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An aerial view of an excavator clearing the land in Aledo.


An excavator hoists a large concrete pipe above a trench.

Advancing Aledo
Building a Stronger Infrastructure for Tomorrow

In Aledo, TX, Trophy Construction Services successfully completed a significant utility installation project for a Senior Living facility, involving over 10,000 linear feet of crucial utilities including water mains, sanitary sewers, and stormwater pipes. These installations are essential for the facility’s operations and the well-being of its residents.


The project faced challenges due to the terrain's heavy rock composition, which required specialized equipment and careful planning to manage the difficult digging conditions. Despite these hurdles, Trophy Construction's experienced team maintained a commitment to quality and excellence, ensuring that the utilities would be reliable and durable.

Featured Project

Senior Living

Multiple excavators on site at the senior living construction project.


Types of Infrastructure


LF of Pipe 

In Aledo, TX, Trophy Construction Services successfully completed a substantial installation project at a Senior Living facility, laying over 10,000 linear feet of critical infrastructure including water main lines, sanitary sewers, and stormwater pipes. This project was essential for ensuring the facility's operational efficiency and the well-being of its residents.​


The project was not just about meeting the immediate needs of the Senior Living facility but also ensuring the longevity and reliability of the infrastructure. Our team's determination and skilled execution under tough conditions exemplify Trophy Construction Services' dedication to delivering high-quality utility solutions, even in the face of geological challenges. 

An excavator with the scoop full of dirt, driven by a construction worker in Burleson, TX

What We Do

A Few of Our Featured Services

Sanitary Sewer

Our sanitary sewer construction services offer efficient and environmentally responsible solutions for waste management. We ensure your system is efficient and in compliance with health standards and regulations


Specializing in stormwater drainage, we provide comprehensive solutions to manage runoff and prevent flooding. Our utility construction expertise ensures proper water flow and drainage, safeguarding against water-related damage

Water Lines

We deliver reliable water line construction services, from installation to maintenance. Our team ensures a continuous and safe water supply, prioritizing system integrity and quality.



Choosing Trophy Construction Services means opting for a leader in utility construction, distinguished by our unparalleled expertise, unwavering reliability, and an absolute commitment to safety and sustainability. Our team brings together decades of experience with the latest technologies to ensure each project exceeds expectations.

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