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Aledo Senior living utility construction site by Trophy Construction Services


Heavy equipment moving dirt to install utility pipes by Trophy Construction Services

Project Details

Aledo, TX


Project Summary

Trophy installed 10,000+ LF of water main line, sanitary sewer, and stormwater pipe on this Senior Living project in Aledo, TX. The biggest challenge our team faced was digging through the heavy rock present on site, but our foremen and crews were determined to deliver this job with quality and excellence.


Project Photos

Project Description

In Aledo, TX, Trophy Construction Services undertook a major project for a Senior Living facility. Our task was to install more than 10,000 linear feet of essential utilities. This included the water main line, which ensures the supply of fresh water, the sanitary sewer for wastewater management, and the stormwater pipe to handle rainwater runoff. These systems are crucial for the well-being of the facility's residents and the smooth functioning of daily operations.


However, every project has its set of challenges, and this was no exception. The terrain in Aledo presented us with its unique set of hurdles. The site was filled with heavy rock, making the digging process labor-intensive and time-consuming. Rock, by nature, is a lot harder to work with than regular soil. It requires specialized equipment, a good strategy, and a lot of patience.


Despite these obstacles, our team was undeterred. Our crew, equipped with experience and knowledge, approached the task with determination. The focus was not just to get the job done, but to do it right. Quality and excellence were our guiding principles. We wanted to ensure that the infrastructure we were laying down would stand the test of time, providing the Senior Living facility with reliable utilities for years to come.


The rapid growth of cities in North Texas such as Aledo, Weatherford, and Benbrook, necessitates professional utility construction services. Trophy Construction Services can provide the expertise for these utility construction projects. Furthermore, we have deep knowledge of the ground material of the DFW area and can carve out robust solutions.


The Senior Living project in Aledo, TX, is a testament to Trophy Construction Services’ dedication to quality workmanship. Even when faced with challenges, our team pushes forward, ensuring that our projects are completed to the highest standards. When it comes to delivering reliable utility solutions, Trophy Construction is a name you can trust.

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