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An aerial view of Trophy Construction laying water line pipe on site in Burleson, TX


Building Burleson's Future

Pioneering Utility Solutions for a Thriving Community

In Burleson, Texas, Trophy Construction Services has been a cornerstone of infrastructure development, playing a crucial role in enhancing the city’s utility systems. Our projects span from essential water and sewage systems to complex electrical grid improvements, each designed to bolster community resilience and sustainability. Through our commitment to excellence and innovation, we've laid miles of pipeline and completed numerous projects that stand as testaments to our dedication to Burleson’s growth. Our work not only meets the immediate needs of the community but also lays the groundwork for future development, ensuring that Burleson remains a thriving, well-connected city. Our impact is visible in the improved quality of life for residents and the enhanced efficiency of the city's utility services, making Trophy Construction Services a key partner in Burleson's ongoing success story.

Featured Project

Cold Storage Facility


Mo. to Completion


LF of Pipe 

Our efforts were instrumental in the development of a cold storage warehousing hub, enhancing the storage capabilities for businesses requiring temperature-controlled conditions.  We significantly contributed to the project in Burleson, TX, by installing over 10,000 linear feet of essential wet utilities. This included a crucial water main line ensuring a steady water supply, vital for the site's operations. We also installed sanitary sewer lines, crucial for health and safety, and a stormwater pipe system to prevent flooding and water damage. As the DFW region, including Burleson, Crowley, and Mansfield, witnesses industrial growth, the need for reliable utility construction like that provided by Trophy Construction Services is increasingly crucial. 

An excavator with the scoop full of dirt, driven by a construction worker in Burleson, TX

What We Do

A Few of Our Featured Services

Sanitary Sewer

Our sanitary sewer construction services offer efficient and environmentally responsible solutions for waste management. We ensure your system is efficient and in compliance with health standards and regulations


Specializing in stormwater drainage, we provide comprehensive solutions to manage runoff and prevent flooding. Our utility construction expertise ensures proper water flow and drainage, safeguarding against water-related damage

Water Lines

We deliver reliable water line construction services, from installation to maintenance. Our team ensures a continuous and safe water supply, prioritizing system integrity and quality.



Choosing Trophy Construction Services means opting for a leader in utility construction, distinguished by our unparalleled expertise, unwavering reliability, and an absolute commitment to safety and sustainability. Our team brings together decades of experience with the latest technologies to ensure each project exceeds expectations.

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