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Aerial view of Joshua commercial construction site


Trophy construction heavy equipment moving dirt to install water pipes

Project Details

Joshua, TX


Project Summary

This Commercial project for a future gas station included the installation of water main line, sanitary sewer, and storm drain to the development. One additional component of the job was a bore crossing under the main road, connecting the site to an existing utility line.

Trophy Construction - Joshua-18.jpg

Project Photos

Project Description

In Joshua, TX, a promising new commercial development is taking shape in the form of a gas station. Trophy Construction Services has proudly played a significant part in this project by laying down the essential groundwork for the station's utility infrastructure.

Our assignment revolved around three primary utility installations: a water main line that guarantees a reliable water supply, a sanitary sewer system crucial for waste management, and a storm drain to efficiently handle rainwater runoff. Ensuring the precision and durability of these installations is vital for the seamless operation of a commercial establishment like a gas station.

However, what set this project apart was an additional task of considerable complexity: a bore crossing beneath the primary road. This operation was designed to connect the gas station site to an existing utility line on the other side of the roadway. Undertaking such a bore crossing is no small feat. It demands a high level of skill, meticulous planning, and the use of specialized equipment. More than that, the entire process needs to be executed with minimal disruption to the road above and its regular traffic.

Our team at Trophy was up to the challenge. With a combination of expertise, state-of-the-art machinery, and a well-coordinated approach, we successfully completed the bore crossing. This achievement not only facilitates a vital utility connection for the gas station but also showcases our capability to manage and execute intricate tasks.

The project's location in Joshua, TX, also added a local dimension to our efforts. Located in North Texas, we are familiar with the area, its topography, and local regulations, we ensured that our work aligned with community standards and expectations. 


The upcoming gas station in Joshua, TX, stands as a testament to Trophy Construction Services' dedication to quality, precision, and adaptability. From the foundational utility installations to the intricate bore crossing, we've demonstrated our commitment to delivering top-notch utility construction services that pave the way for successful commercial developments.

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