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An excavtor rolls down Harmon Road in Fort Worth Texas, carrying large concrete piping.


An excavator hoists concrete piping above a trench in Fort Worth, TX

Fortifying Fort Worth's Infrastructure

Driving Innovation in Urban Utility Management

In Fort Worth, Texas, Trophy Construction Services is at the forefront of urban infrastructure advancement, significantly contributing to the city's utility system enhancements. Our endeavors extend across critical water and sewage systems, to sophisticated electrical grid upgrades, all aimed at strengthening the urban fabric of Fort Worth. Our dedication to innovation and excellence has led to the installation of extensive pipeline networks and the completion of a wide array of projects, marking our commitment to the city’s development. These initiatives not only address the current needs of Fort Worth's diverse community but also lay a solid foundation for its future growth. As a result, our efforts are manifest in the city's improved living standards and the heightened efficiency of its utility services. Trophy Construction Services is proud to be a central player in Fort Worth's continuous evolution, ensuring its status as a resilient and flourishing metropolis.

Featured Projects

Harmon Rd

An aerial view of the Harmon Rd project in Fort Worth, TX


Mo. to Completion

We completed a vital Public Works project for the City of Fort Worth, installing 2,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer line in preparation for a city road-widening project. Located next to a busy road, the project presented challenges in ensuring public safety and minimizing disruption. Through strategic planning, clear demarcation of work zones, and close coordination with local traffic authorities, Trophy Construction prioritized safety while managing the complexities of construction near high-traffic areas. This collaboration with the City of Fort Worth exemplifies Trophy Construction's dedication to quality, safety, and adaptability, reinforcing their role as a key player in urban development and utility construction in North Texas.


LF of Pipe 

Westside Heights

A crew member in a Trophy Construction vest looks up out of a deep sewer line trench in Fort Worth


Mo. to Completion


LF of Pipe 

We managed a comprehensive utility installation project at Westside Heights apartments in Fort Worth, TX, covering over 10,000 linear feet of critical infrastructure, including water main, sanitary sewer, and storm drain systems. The project highlighted the team's expertise, particularly during the challenging installation of a sanitary sewer line at a depth of 28 feet through heavy rock terrain. This project showcases the skill of our crews and emphasizes the importance of technical prowess and safety standards. The project underscores the critical role of reliable utility construction in supporting the residential development boom in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Fort Worth, Saginaw, and Azle. 

An excavator with the scoop full of dirt, driven by a construction worker in Burleson, TX

What We Do

A Few of Our Featured Services

Sanitary Sewer

Our sanitary sewer construction services offer efficient and environmentally responsible solutions for waste management. We ensure your system is efficient and in compliance with health standards and regulations


Specializing in stormwater drainage, we provide comprehensive solutions to manage runoff and prevent flooding. Our utility construction expertise ensures proper water flow and drainage, safeguarding against water-related damage

Water Lines

We deliver reliable water line construction services, from installation to maintenance. Our team ensures a continuous and safe water supply, prioritizing system integrity and quality.



Choosing Trophy Construction Services means opting for a leader in utility construction, distinguished by our unparalleled expertise, unwavering reliability, and an absolute commitment to safety and sustainability. Our team brings together decades of experience with the latest technologies to ensure each project exceeds expectations.

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