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Heavy machinery digging on job site in Irving, TX by Trophy Construction


Sanitary Sewer

Buried deeper than the rest of the utilities on a job site, properly constructing the sanitary sewer line is of utmost importance. Our crews have experience digging through hard rock, and just about any other ground material native to the DFW area. 

Trophy Construction constructing sanitary sewer for a new construction in Fort Worth

Stormwater Drainage

When it rains, water has to go somewhere. Stormwater drainage systems keep subdivisions, commercial properties, and roads from flooding. We've installed countless miles of stormwater drainage for clients and we take pride in protecting their properties.

Trophy Construction installing stormwater drainage in Aledo, TX

Water Line

Our water lines provide countless homes and businesses with reliable water! Our crews do everything from tie-ins to main lines for public works, commercial developments, and residential developments.

Trophy Construction installing the water main line in Grandview, TX

Fire Lines

Our Fire Line services are crucial for ensuring safety and preparedness in case of emergencies. We specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of fire protection systems, providing robust and reliable fire line solutions. Our team ensures that these essential systems are fully operational and compliant with safety standards, offering peace of mind and protection for both properties and occupants.

An excavator digging around a fire hydrant at a fire line installation site in Joshua, Texas

Duct Banks

Our Duct Bank services provide a secure and organized solution for managing electrical and communication cables underground. Specializing in the installation and maintenance of these critical infrastructure components, we ensure the protection and longevity of your cable systems. Our approach to duct bank construction focuses on durability, operational efficiency, and safety, ensuring that your utility lines are well-protected and neatly organized for easy access and maintenance.

A paper target used at a heavy construction site in Ft. Worth Texas.
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