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Trophy Construction Heavy equipment in Ft Worth


Trophy Construction utility construction site aerial view in Ft Worth

Project Details

Fort Worth, TX


Project Summary

Trophy was selected to complete this Public Works job for the City of Fort Worth including the delivery of sewer line to a commercial land tract in advance of a city road widening project. This project required installation of ~2,000 LF of sanitary sewer line next to a busy road. Safety, always a top priority, was an increased focus on this project due to the high traffic volume.

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Project Photos

Project Description

Trophy Construction Services was honored to be chosen for a significant Public Works assignment by the City of Fort Worth. The core of this project was to lay down a sewer line to a commercial land tract. This initiative was vital as it came ahead of a planned city road-widening operation, showing the forward-thinking approach of the city's infrastructure development.

The project specifics involved the installation of approximately 2,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer line. One of the main challenges of this undertaking was its location, which was adjacent to a frequently used road. Busy roads always come with their set of complexities, from ensuring uninterrupted traffic flow to making sure that the work doesn't become a public nuisance.

Safety is at the forefront of all Trophy's projects, and in this case, it was of paramount importance. With the high volume of vehicles traveling by, the safety of our crew, the general public, and the integrity of the project itself was under increased scrutiny.

To address this, our team took several measures. We ensured that the work zones were clearly demarcated with visible signage to alert oncoming traffic. Efficient coordination with local traffic authorities was maintained. Also, our on-site crew was equipped with reflective gear and underwent specific training to handle construction adjacent to busy roadways, ensuring they were always alert to their surroundings.

Moreover, our collaboration with the City of Fort Worth meant that we had an added layer of support and guidance. Together, we aimed to ensure that the project's execution would be smooth, with minimal disruptions to the daily lives of the city's residents.

In conclusion, Trophy's involvement in this Public Works project for the City of Fort Worth wasn't just about laying pipes. It was a commitment to safety, a dedication to quality, and a testament to our ability to adapt to challenging environments. Through careful planning and unwavering focus on safety, we successfully navigated the complexities of working next to a bustling road, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted partner in urban development and utility construction in North Texas.

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