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Trophy Construction Services excavating to install a water main for a multifamily residential area in Ft. Worth


Excavation of land to install sanitary sewer in Ft. Worth by Trophy Construction Services

Project Details

Fort Worth, TX


Project Summary

This Multifamily job consisted of 10,000+ LF of water main, sanitary sewer, and storm drain for Westside Heights apartments in Fort Worth, TX. A unique and challenging feature of this job was the 28 foot deep sewer line that our team had to cut through heavy rock in order to place.

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Project Photos

Project Description

Multifamily housing projects, with their dense infrastructure and interconnected systems, demand meticulous planning and execution, especially when it comes to utility installations. Such was the nature of our undertaking at Westside Heights apartments in Fort Worth, TX, where Trophy Construction Services was entrusted with a comprehensive utility project spanning over 10,000 linear feet. This encompassed the water main, sanitary sewer, and storm drain systems, all pivotal for ensuring a seamless living experience for the residents.


One of the standout features of this multifamily job at Westside Heights was the intricate installation of the sanitary sewer line. Buried deep below the ground at 28 feet, this sewer line was not just another utility installation; it was a testament to the skill, perseverance, and innovative problem-solving capabilities of our team. The true challenge lay in the rugged terrain comprising heavy rock that stood in our path. At Trophy Construction Services, we don't see obstacles; we see opportunities. The heavy rock layer presented a unique challenge, but with our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team, we skillfully cut through, ensuring the sewer line was positioned securely and efficiently. Such intricate work demands not only technical prowess but also a deep understanding of safety standards, especially when working at such depths and challenging conditions.


Moreover, the successful completion of this task speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering top-tier utility solutions, no matter the complexity. The Dallas-Fort Worth area including Fort Worth, Saginaw, and Burleson, is witnessing a boom in residential development. Given this growth, the importance of utility construction contractors cannot be overstated. Dependable utility construction is key to addressing present requirements and also ensuring that projects are equipped to handle future expansions and needs.


In summary, this project at Westside Heights encapsulates the essence of Trophy Construction Services. We blend expertise, experience, and innovation to tackle even the most challenging utility projects. So, whether it's a sprawling multifamily complex or a standalone unit, Trophy Construction Services delivers.

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